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TimeKeeper™ Client Software - Provide accurate time to applications

TimeKeeper Client Software synchronizes the clocks on application servers to some reference source connected over the network. The software is trivial to install and provides high accuracy (nanoseconds), traceable audit, failover, alarming, powerful graphics, and simple manageability at at a startlingly low total-cost of ownership (TCO). TimeKeeper Client replaces ad-hoc and legacy solutions that only offer low quality performance and high engineering/support costs.

Benefits include:

  • Access the same management tools as this Grandmaster, including this web interface, timing maps, graphing, etc.
  • Track multiple sources and protocols for easy failover and audit control.
  • Built in support for many hardware timestamping cards for accuracy in low nanoseconds.
  • Support for multiple platforms, including Linux and Windows.
  • Augment your timing infrastructure - configure TimeKeeper as a client, a boundary clock, or pair it with off the shelf hardware for added timing redundancy.

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FSMLabs TimeKeeper Compliance package allows systems administrators, regulatory agents, developers and operations agents access to powerful analytical tools specifically designed for the finanical timing regulation market, making identifying, analyzing, reporting and troubleshooting networked time pieces possible, intuitive and accurate for organizations looking to satisfy MiFIDII or ESMA or other regulator requirements for timing accuracy for simplified reporting and querying of current and historical data.

The Compliance package is available as an optional add-on from FSMLabs. Please contact or contact us here for a demo or to enable the Compliance package.


  • Enterprise compliance reporting for precision time networks
  • Enhanced analytical tools
  • Auditable daily/monthly/weekly/yearly reporting
  • Data Governance
  • User API