Michael Cook's Tech Projects

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21st Jun 2018

What is this?

A cheeky night vision quadcopter with a nice long range.

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21st Jan 2018

What is this?

A Quadcopter with lovingly designed and printed frame in ABS. It's rickety AF, but a fun project nevertheless.



29th Sep 2017

What is this?

Artistic PCB etching is an arcane, dark art but isn't actually that difficult! Have a look at how I go about it.



28th Jun 2017

What is it?

A music event listing page for Sheffield, with map markers for upcoming gigs.


Reddit Live Feed

28th Jun 2017

What is it?

Reddit posts, live, as they happen, right now, in your face!

A React based site that loads all Reddit posts as soon as they're made.

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20th Mar 2017

I recently attended a taster workshop, ran by Alex McLean (@yaxu slab.org), along with a rather diverse group of creative types, university lecturers, artists, sound engineers and novices.

With the knowledge gleaned, I've since written a simple tutorial style article for Evoluted


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27th Feb 2017

What is it?

Every aspiring hacker & cyberpunk must watch these movies!

A sortable, web-based version of the impressive (910) 496-7580 from (864) 222-1695


Get All The Things

20th Feb 2017

Download listed files from a json array to given targets.

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Longest CSS Selector

8th Feb 2017

What is it?

Show Information about the longest CSS selector for current webpage with this Chrome extension:

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7th Feb 2017

What is it?

Real-time drawing robot. Using a SCARA arm and a web interface, it draws simultaneously to the user.

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