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Hello, and welcome to the Spire Project. We’ve built this website in order to help internet users worldwide finding the information they’re looking for in the most effective way possible. If you are a young person today, who has pretty much grown up using the internet – then, sure, you might already know how to find the information you need in a quick efficient way. But if you are of the older generation, growing up without computers all around you, the internet might not seem as self explanatory to you. Perhaps you might even find it a bit intimidating considering the unimaginable amount of information it contains.

In any case, we should all face the fact that modern society is run by computers, and also embrace the fact that everything you could possibly want to now, you can find in just a few click. That is, if you know how to locate the information you are looking for.

So, what’s the first step to reaching your desired information online? Well, with the internet being so incredibly big, we can’t just randomly start guessing on different domains that might contain the info we are searching for, so therefore we need to find a search engine. A search engine lets you search for different phrases and then it browses through the internet in order to find websites relevant to your search phrase. The most commonly used search engine today is without a doubt Google, which has become the largest company in the world. Other alternatives include Bing and Yahoo, but Google is by most people regarded to be the best, so that is where we would recommend you go.

The next step is then to learn how to use a search engine. Since the internet contains billions of websites and pages we want to filter out as much as we can, so that only the most relevant search results are given to us by the search engine. Therefore, you will have to think what you should search for. Say for example that you are looking for tips on what to do on your holiday in California. For someone who’s not used to search engines it might seem most natural to just put “California” into the search field, but there is a problem with this. Imagine yourself how many websites contain the word California. The search engine will present you with websites that might not be at all relevant to your holiday, such as Californian news websites or certain sports teams in California, for example. So what we need to do is to be more specific in our search phrase.

Say now that we filter out some of the results by typing in “Holiday California”. This search will likely get you more relevant results, but will they all be relevant? On this search you are likely to find websites for hotels, cheap flights etc, where as you were only looking for things to do while in California.

The lesson to take away from this article is to always be as specific as possible when you are using search engines online. Some good search phrases for the example above would have been for example “Things to do in California”, “Holiday tips Californa”, “Tourist attractions California”, which would have all given you very relevant search results.



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I’d like to start off this article by saying that I’m not particularly fond of the term ”gambler”. It has so many negative associations to it. When I think of a gambler my mind immediately produces an image of a man who spends all his time at the online casino, or in the betting shops, wasting all his money away on games, not caring for his family like he should. However, I probably would be considered a gambler myself, at least by definition, but my gambling is definitely different from what I just described to you. Although I gamble, I absolutely make sure to do so responsibly. By responsible I mean that I always make sure that I have money to take care of myself and my family – so that I can always pay my rent and bills on time and put food on the table. In other words, my gambling is much more of a hobby than of a lifestyle, which the term gambler would probably suggest.

This article will show you how I first got in to gambling. I was never particularly interested in any form of gambling in my young years. I had friends who would play poker with each other, and always play the videoslots when we were at a bar, but I never really got into it. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon an online portal called eurogambler.org that I really tried it out. I had never really thought about the fact that these days you can gamble online (although it’s pretty obvious – you can do anything online these days). In any case, the website had a lot of different articles on gambling, and as I started reading, I got more and more interested in how the games were constructed and how they worked. When I later started reading reviews about different online casinos at a site called Casinoonline (find it here), I soon learned that several casinos actually offered free bonuses just for signing up at the site. I learned a long time ago, that if something is free, why not take it?

So I went to the website which offered the highest bonuses, registered an account and started testing out the games. Immediately I became fond of the slot machines. In the online world, they are so different from the ones you will see in your local pub for example. These slots have so many different features that make the game way less static than your average one armed bandit. What’s even better is the fact that in any online casino, you can almost be sure to find over 50 different slot machines, all with different exciting features, as well as graphics that can be quite stunning.

As my interested grew, I also started trying out different forms of gambling, such poker and online bingo at sites like Balloon Bingo, and these days, I spend quite a lot of time at online casinos. Whenever the mood hits I usually log in and make a small deposit and start playing at one of my favorite sites. To find good casinos, I would definitely recommend Eurogambler!


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When it comes to online gambling, it has become tremendously popular ever since it penetrated the internet market in the early 2000’s, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy high quality casino games from the comfort of their own homes, rather than having to go visit an actual brick and mortar casino in the city. A loose sort of branch of online gambling is financial trading, which includes Binary options and Forex Trading, which is something that I’ve recently taken an interest in. You can read more about how to trade online (940) 243-9578!

First of all, I’d like to address the common disagreement of whether financial trading should be considered gambling or not. In my opinions, in regards to classic gambling, there are both similarities and differences and now I will take up a few of these. Let us start with similarities.

When you think about it, when you are investing in a binary option for example, you are pretty much “betting” money on your own prognosis of future market changes. You will buy an option under the assumption that within the next 30 minutes, the value of that option will have gone up, in which case you will be rewarded. However, is there any way that you can know with full certainty that that will happen? Of course not! No one can ever determine the future with full certainty. So when we compare it to another form of gambling, such as sports betting, is there really that much of a difference? When you bet on a game of football for example, you will place your money on a certain team, assuming they will win the game, in which case you will make a profit. Is there really any difference between the two of them, apart from the fact that in one case you are predicting the future of the financial market, and in the other case you are predicting the future of a sports event?

That said, financial trading also has differences to traditional gambling. First of all, when comparing it to a typical casino game, there’s not much similarity at all. In online casino games, you have no way of actually making a realistic prediction of the future, as you have no tools to analyze the situation. When playing casino games, you can only randomly place your bets based on a “hunch”. When you are trading on the financial market, however, you can make a much more realistic prediction, as there are several factors that play in to how the market moves. Basically, the more you read and know about the market and how it works, the bigger are your chances of correctly predicting the future projections of a stock for example, and therefore you are much more likely to make a profit.

So I guess that you could on one hand say that financial trading is like gambling, as there is always a possibility that you will lose. However, wouldn’t any form of business then be considered trading, based on the fact that you can never truly know what will happen in the future? In the end, I think it’s unnecessary to spend too much time thinking about it – Either way it’s a fun way to spend your time!

A good way to learn more about forex trading in particular is to visit portals such as forextrading.pm, which you can 8443360917!

Taking a quick loan doesn’t have to be bad!

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Usually when you talk about taking loans, it has quite a negative ring to it. Like, when you read about people in the newspaper who have gotten in to terrible debts by loaning too much money, you usually think of them as pretty stupid – Why would you ever take a loan when you know it’s going to put you into trouble later on? On the other hand, almost everyone takes loan at some point in their lives, so is it really that bad? Whenever you buy a house, for example, you are pretty much forced to take a loan in order to be able to afford it. Many people also have to take loans when buying a new car or anything else that is expensive.

I know there’s a difference between a house loan or a study loan compared to a quick loan. Traditional loans offers you a long time to pay off your debt month by month, paying a little bit each time, often over a period of several years. When you are taking a quick loan, you have a limited time, which is usually pretty short, in which you have to pay off the full amount of the loan as well as a pretty high interest. But it’s important to keep in mind that a quick loan is always sufficiently smaller than a normal bank loan. A bank loan can often be over £100.000 where as a quick loan rarely exceeds £2000. So in that regard, the quick loan is much easier to pay off in a short time, which makes more sense regarding the time limit you have to pay it off.

It is true that quick loans often have a very high interest rate compared to other types of loans, which is why I recommend you to never use it unless you really have a good reason to do so. When you do, try using a service like 732-888-8760 to find the loans with the lowest interest. If we take the example that I started this article off with, where people end up in debt as a result of excessive loan taking, I would like to highlight something: Never take loans as a way to get some extra spending cash! I cannot stress this enough. It’s important to be realistic about loans, do not neglect the very fact that you will have to pay back every penny of the loan you are taking plus interest. So in that sense, you are always losing money when you take a loan. It’s important to take responsibility for your own actions, and if you take a lone knowing that you won’t be able to pay it back, it’s your own fault if you end up in debt – don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for you!

The few times I’ve been taking quick loans, I’ve done it so that I know for a fact that I will get money from another source, such as a paycheck, so that I know that I will be able to pay it back before the loan period ends!